Peace In The Middle East, Thanks To Guitar Hero

1259691650_al-moosiqar1.jpgOkay, not quite the real thing, just a semi-crappy clone, but still! It’s been long argued that tensions in the Middle East could be subdued if everyone just chilled out and indulged in some of the West’s more sordid pursuits (which unfortunately goes against various codes of conduct, obviously), but instead of good old-fashioned drugs, sex, and rock & roll, perhaps video games are the answer? Especially ones that folks there can somewhat identify with.

At least that’s according to The Tuque Souq, who explains that the very bloody, yet more or less ignored by the rest of the world civil war that’s going on in Yemen was recently put on hold one weekend in favor of a different form of conflict resolution…


… It’s called Al-Moosiqar, which is Arabic for “The Musician,” and is a web-based clone of Guitar Hero and Rock Band; instead of a guitar-shaped controller, you’ll be rocking the keyboard that’s already at your fingertips, and instead of Western classics like “Black Hole Sun” or “Sabotage” you’ll be virtually strumming all the hits from the world of classical Arabic music, the names of which which should be instantly recognizable to fans of such things.

You can play the game by clicking this link, though you’ll probably need to install the latest Shockwave Player (remember those? I figured everything was purely Flash these days) and it’s also buggy as hell. Plus the game is just not that much fun, unless you’re part of the target demographic, which is more or less the point. Kinda like how most Americans wouldn’t touch GuitarFreaks (the Japanese equivalent of GH that predated Harmonix’s offering by about eight years) until The Blue Hearts and L’Arc-en-Ciel (just look them up) were replaced by more identifiable acts like Bon Jovi and Journey.