The Agony Of… A Busted Xbox 360

Triggers Down, a Major League Gaming team that was on the cusp of victory and advancing towards the championships, was dealt a crushing defeat when the host’s Xbox 360 froze during their showdown via Halo 3:

In case that didn’t make a lick of sense, here’s what happened: Team Triggers Down was literally inches away from a victory over team Classic, their rival. Everyone in Classic was down, and the Triggers Down player in the video, Heinz, had the enemy flag, but dropped it just inches away from home-base, which would have thusly ended the game. But Heinz couldn’t pick it up due to his 360 freezing all of a sudden, which then crashed and caused the game to reset. Per MLG rules, the match was immediately replayed and Triggers Down had the tables turned on them, with Classic reigning victorious in the end.

A couple of things: for starters, the YouTube description holds some important information. Like how someone in Triggers Down tried pointing out a problem early on, but was apparently dismissed, as a lame excuse for losing a match. So right off the back, the officiating for Major League Gaming seems more bush league than anything else.

Them there’s this:

“The moderators have chosen to take an all-out fascist approach to handling the situation, they have deleted every single thread discussing this and banned many users for even posting about it. So if you want to discuss it, you’re going to have to do it here. I won’t delete any comments on this video.”

The responses in the video, for the most part, are either the asinine fanboy flamewar b.s. that everyone’s far too familiar with, but is somehow even more pathetic and annoying in this instance, or simply make little sense, like sports fans going at each others necks. But as annoying as it is to hear Yankee fans rip into Mets fans in these parts, and vice versa, especially since I don’t like baseball, at least it’s a real sport that takes actual skill and ability to engage in.

I originally found the video over at Kotaku, and some of the responses there are also fairly telling. Like this:

“I hate the MLG variants on Halo 3 because so much stuff is stripped away and you’re basically playing a shooter that has burst assault rifles and snipers, and it conveniently runs on the halo 3 engine.”

If true, and in this case I have no reason to doubt that person is lying, that’s pretty damn lame. Then again, the responses are also equally enlightening. BTW, all grammatical and spelling errors have been left untouched:

“Its because the other weapons are essentially unbalanced at the level of play. Either they are overpowered or useless.

Duel Weilding is useless against any good player. The assault rifle is almost useless, doesn’t promote teamwork/skill. The needle is useless, b/c you need to catch someone unaware and well good luck with that in MLG. The shotgun was a bit too strong which the increased damage that’s added so the BR is less retarded. But there are maulers on some maps to make up for it.

Its really the most refined Halo 3 can be for competitive play. Whether you enjoy it or not is all good and well, but to completely disown MLG like [another responder who doesn’t approve of the group and it’s actions], for the only reason I can think of, is that he isn’t good at it (with all his talk of strategy as if he can play with the best) amuses me at the very least.”

“YEAH! Just like that stupid NFL not allowing face masking or punching people in the head. That would make it more fun but nooooooo. Keeping things fair and balanced is lame!”

What a nightmare. Granted, virtually every established “real” sport had to go through trial and error before standardized rules were agreed upon (MMA to this very day is still trying to get some of the basics down), but this is just plain ridiculous.

It seems all too clear that the real issue in this instance is MLG, and it’s worth noting that their page that advertised the show is, at least to an outside such as myself, impossible to decipher. Also, as hard as I tried, I could find no mention of the Triggers Down technical problems debacle. Perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough, due to being distracted by the banner ad:


Pizza without the lag? Seriously?

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