Full Release: Movies

Shutter Island

It’s February, and with the entire country in the grip of suspicious weather, what better thing than to hide out inside a movie theater? We’ve got one must-see this weekend from master Martin Scorsese, but if you’ve got time to kill there’s a few more movies opening that might float your boat. If you have a boat. Let’s get to it.

Shutter Island – This is obviously the A-lister for the week, so let’s get it out of the way fast. In a straight-up B movie premise, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a U.S. Marshall who gets sent to a foreboding crag off of the coast of Massachusetts to investigate a murder. Yes, that might have been the plot of House of the Dead, too, but that didn’t have Martin Scorsese behind the wheel. Everything I’ve seen about this flick looks awesome – incredible atmosphere, great performances and some serious scares. You could accuse the great director of slumming, but that would miss the point. Seeing it opening night.

The Ghost Writer – Whatever happened to Ewan McGregor? He looked poised to be one of the biggest stars of his time and then… Oh. Star Wars prequels. Associating himself with much-reviled fugitive from justice Roman Polanski probably won’t do much to rehabilitate his image, but this thriller is getting rave reviews. McGregor plays an anonymous penman hired to write the memoirs of a former British PM and ends up getting sucked into a conspiracy that’s way stranger than fiction. Could be good.

Blood Done Sign My Name – This under-the-radar flick looks promising. Based on a shocking true story of a racial murder in 1970s North Carolina, where an all-white jury found the white defendant not guilty despite overwhelming evidence, this shines a spotlight on the era after what we consider the “civil rights struggle” had all but ended,but prejudice and racism was still alive and well.

Happy Tears – Oh, hey, Demi Moore‘s making movies again. Watching Ashton Kutcher twitter must be getting boring. How else to explain this curious indie dramedy in which she plays Parker Posey‘s estranged sister who returns to take care of their senile dad (played by recent fugitive from justice Rip Torn). The director is famous artist Roy Lichtenstein’s son, and there’s a subplot about… a famous artist’s son! I wish people would give me money to make movies about Internet writers with enormous dongs.

Celine: Through The Eyes Of The World – Hey, what’s this? A Celine Dion documentary? Oh, God, no!