Sasha Grey Interview

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey is an unlikely figure – one of the few adult actresses to have transcended the business and become a serious player in other media. In addition to her starring role in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, she’s written a book and started an industrial music project. She’s starring in the upcoming documentary9 To 5, coming to DVD on May 4th, which offers an attempt to demystify the often reviled adult entertainment business by following some of the industry’s top stars around their daily routines. How were you approached to be in this movie?

Sasha Grey: It was in 2006, I was still with my old agent. He came to me and some of his other performers and said that he talked to these German filmmakers who were doing a documentary, did I want to talk to them? I was hesitant at first but we definitely built a relationship with the filmmakers, and we’re still friends today.

I had already done a huge article in LA Magazine,  that’s kind of what triggered a domino effect, with me going on The Insider, Tyra Banks, and even, you know, being in a Smashing Pumpkins video, working with Stephen Soderbergh, that all came from one article. I felt like I’ve done that and I know when you give yourself that much to a big project there’s always going to be room for disappointment. I was also already working on a documentary myself, so I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t cross paths, and that it wouldn’t be completely subjective as well. It was definitely a process of asking questions and feeling the filmmakers out. What is your documentary about?

Sasha Grey: I started it at around the same time, myself and a producer have been working on it. It basically follows me from the ages of 18 to 21, three years of my life. We’re editing it now, we wanted to take to SXSW, but we missed that. What has changed for you since 9 To 5 was filmed?

Sasha Grey: Well, I no longer work with my old agent. In 2008 I started repping myself. After I filmed this documentary, the Soderbergh film came out, I was doing press for that all of last year, I may go to Japan to promote it this year, I traveled the world, I got married, working on my book, it’s been nonstop. Adult actresses look to use porn as a stepping stone, but it’s only really been done a few times – Traci Lords and Jenna Jameson. How did you manage it?

Sasha Grey: It wasn’t something that I sought out to do. I got in the industry to be in the industry. But because my drive and passion, especially for someone so young was kind of unheard of – and that LA Magazine article opened up so many doors for me. I”m not going to pass up an opportunity. My passion and work ethic brought me far in life. And I’m only getting started. What are your next projects?

Sasha Grey: I’m working on another special with G4tv, which will be fun. I’m going to be doing an action film called Kayla Crow. My book will be released in the fall, and my album should be out in April or May.

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