Full Release: Movies


This week, it’s all about the Predators. The Robert Rodriguez-scripted reboot of the sci-fi action franchise that started with Arnold Schwarzenegger kicking ass in infrared comes to theaters with a Most Dangerous Game premise, a bizarro cast, and Danny Trejo. Also playing: a curse-filled documentary, one of two nearly identical cartoons about evil guys, and more. Here’s this week’s new movie releases.

Predators – Awww yeah. At first I was like “Hm.” But then I “OMG”d. A group of eight humans, all of whom are very familiar with killing people, are abducted and taken to a strange planet where the Predators plan to hunt them for sport. But this is no one-sided contest – all eight of them have the killer instinct to fight back against the huntsmen, and even though they’re outnumbered and outgunned, they might still have a chance. Cast includes Adrien Brody, who added 25 pounds of muscle for the role, Topher Grace who didn’t, Danny Trejo, Lawrence Fishburne and more. Watch the trailer.

Despicable Me – Okay, so I don’t get it. Dreamworks has Megamind, about an evil genius planning his biggest bad deed ever. And Universal has Despicable Me, about an evil genius planning his biggest bad deed ever. I just – I don’t know. I realize we’re in a world where Monopoly is a movie in pre-production, but couldn’t somebody have waited just a little bit? I’d have to give the edge to Despicable Me at this point, but it’s a toss-up. Watch the trailer.

Winnebago Man – Years ago, a videotape of a mobile home salesman losing his proverbial mind while filming a commercial for a Winnebago went viral on the Internet, with millions of people watching poor Jack Rebney curse like a drunken sailor while forgetting his lines. Now an intrepid documentary crew has tracked Rebney down in his secluded mountain hideaway to answer some questions, and the results look amazing. Watch the trailer.

[REC] 2 – Spanish horror that inspired Quarantine finally gets a U.S. release, and looks pretty chilling. When a team of Ministry of Health operatives are sent into a building to control an outbreak, things rapidly go from bad to worse. If zombies in the air ducts sounds good to you, this is going to push all of your scary buttons. Watch the trailer.

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