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Metroid: Other M

We all know what the big news is this week, games-wise – the return of Samus in Metroid: Other M, the boundary-breaking new game developed by Team Ninja.  But that’s not the only thing heating up our thumbs this time out, so let’s get right to all the new releases worth knowing about.

Metroid: Other MThe brutal combat experts at Team Ninja, responsible for the Ninja Gaiden games, take the reins for Nintendo’s foremost bounty hunter in this very different kind of adventure. Playable with just the Wiimote, you steer Samus through an old-school 2D Metroid adventure (but in a 3D environment), with the new ability to pivot the controller toward the screen to enter first-person mode. We’ll see how it all shakes out (expect a review very soon), but as of now I’m pretty frothed over it. Watch the trailer.

Ace Combat: Joint Assault – If you like high-flying dogfighting action, the Ace Combat series has been your go-to since the first PlayStation days. The latest installment is dropping on the PSP of all places, but still provides everything that fans of the series love – astoundingly reproduced jet fighters (over 40) with tight controls and brutal difficulty.

Castle Crashers – This side-scrolling brawler is one of the best games in the Xbox Arcade, so it’s nice that developers The Behemoth are giving PS3 owners a chance to get in on the action. Four-player co-op goblin smashing in the tradition of Golden Axe with a pile of unlockables and secrets to strive for. If you have friends, you should have this one.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero – This is a little bit of an oddity – at 400 Microsoft Points, it’s a retail product, yet it’s also a demo for the forthcoming Dead Rising sequel. But it’s also a stand-alone game that tells the tale of new protagonist Chuck’s first battle against the zombie hordes, three years before the events of the new game. At four bucks, it’s a pretty sweet buy, especially if you enjoyed the first installment.