Scartlett Johansson is a Man-Eater at the DNC

Rumors are circulating whether Scarlett Johansson is having an affair with actor and musician, Jared Leto. Both were seen canoodling at this week’s Democratic National Convention. Johansson, who has been romantically linked to NYC based ad exec, Nate Taylor, for over a year, actually dated Leto briefly in 2004. For someone who is as famous as she is, it makes you wonder if and why she would be so open with her affectionate displays toward another well-known celebrity while you are with someone else.

Taylor and Johansson earlier this year in NYC.

Perhaps the sexy siren isn’t too worried about having her image taken with Leto?

Scarlett and Nate in Paris during late August in Paris, just a few days before the Democratic National Convention.

Is this the touch of a “friend”?

Johansson in Charolette, North Carolina, at the DNC on Wednesday, addressing the massive audience in an appeal for the younger generation to vote for Obama. Regardless of her relationship status as a maneater, at least she is patriotic.

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