Amanda Bynes Attacks Miley Cyrus and Drake: Twitter War Continues

Amanda Bynes

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Is Amanda’s “crazy” reaching a new level? Just when the Twitter waters started to settle, hurricane Amanda returns! Only a few hours ago, Amanda Bynes attacked Miley Cyrus and Drake by sending hate tweets (nothing new). What did they ever do to you, Amanda?

The Amanda Hurricane picks its next two victims. See what she has to say below!

With the recent sloppy pics of Amanda leaking all over the internet, it’s hard to take her seriously when she rags on celebrities like Miley for “not wearing makeup.” Why is Amanda bringing on this sudden new beef?

Wasn’t Amanda sending Drake raunchy messages over Twitter just a few weeks ago? Either this chick can’t make up her mind or she’s just lost it.

Poor Drake. Pick on someone your own size, Amanda!

Even though Miley probably laughed it all off, I bet she’s wondering what she did for Amanda to publicly lash out on her like this. In the words of Hannah Montana… “Eeeeep!”

Things are looking worse and worse for Amanda’s reputation, but just as her last bit of sanity seemed to wash down the drain- the unexpected came to the rescue. The other Drake (Drake Bell), Amanda’s old co-star, reaches out to her despite her hurtful words to others, and defends her! That’s right- according to, Drake claims:

Amanda and I are close… I talk to her every day. She’s a sweetheart. I had lunch with her yesterday, and she’s brilliant. She’s good, and she’s healthy. … I’m like ‘dude, you come off crazy.’ She’s like, ‘I know, but I don’t mean to. I just changed the way I look’… Anytime I’ve ever been with Amanda, she’s totally coherent, totally there, totally everything.

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Meanwhile, it could be that Amanda may be lashing out due to jealousy over Liam! Twitter is spilling with the latest info on Amanda and Liam’s sexy past… and yes, apparently they have one. Check out these tweets!

Is Amanda lashing out on Miley because she wants to relive her lustful past with Liam?

Is Amanda crazy… or just angry? Whatever she’s doing, it’s just plain strange. Even her most loyal fans have been giving her the benefit of the doubt recently… but at this point it’s hard to deny the obvious.

In response to Amanda’s hate tweets, Miley tells

I was rooting for her comeback until she started attacking me,” she added. “I just thought it was hilarious that she mentioned my name the moment I was the worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Will the madness ever end?

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