Paris Jackson Awaits Months of Therapy

Paris Jackson

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According to, Paris Jackson is doing “better” after her chilling suicide attempt only a few weeks ago. However, she still has a long way to go for a full recovery — not only physically, but also mentally. TMZ recently learned that Paris has a Tumblr account spilling with dark natured photos of things like self-mutilation and suicide, and, it’s no doubt these images fueled Paris’ self-hatred and depression.

It isn’t uncommon for troubled teens to turn to the web as a outlet for their unhealthy behaviors. For Paris, it was likely the only place she felt like she was understood. Earlier this May, rumors that Paris was only seeking attention through her suicide attempt reached the media. However, the Jackson family reportedly spoke out on the rumors regarding Paris’ battle for attention, saying that this was, in fact, not a cry for the spotlight. Based on the damage revealed beneath Paris’ bandaged, one source points out:

Paris absolutely tried to kill herself, and it wasn’t the first time.

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We hope Paris will be in tip-top shape as quickly as possible within the next few months! The young celebrity has a long way to go, after all, she is only sixteen years old. However, it was recently revealed that Paris did not celebrate her last birthday which passed in April. In fact, she has not done so since 2009, after Michael Jackson’s death. Poor Paris. Perhaps, her father’s absence is harder on her than any of her family know. Only time will tell what kind of state Paris will be in next April, but we’re hoping the teen chooses to celebrate her special day with her chin held up high. We’re all rooting for your recovery, Paris!

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