Nashville Man with 14 Baby Mamas May Get Reality Show

orlando shaw

I’ve never met Orlando Shaw, but I’m fairly confident that I can say his favorite thing in the world is sticking his unprotected rod inside a woman.

The 33-year-old Nashville, Tennessee resident has 22 children with 14 different baby mamas. He started getting his unprotected freak on at 14-years-old, so roughly he’s fathered 2.4 kids every year since then.

I was just young and ambitious and loving women. Hey! You can’t knock no man for loving women.”

Naturally, with all those babies come bills, but Shaw insist he isn’t a deadbeat dad and might even get a reality show to help pay for all of those kids. Now, I could go off on some rant about 16 and Pregnant, Maury, and how something called “shame” no longer exist in America, but the truth is, I’d probably watch this stupid show. SMH…

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Via Uproxx

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