Steve Jobs is ‘Making Pad’ In New ‘Breaking Bad’ Parody [VIDEO]

With Breaking Bad dropping its final eight episodes on August 11th at 9P:00PM ET on AMC, hype about the return of the show has hit a fever pitch. Parody videos, fan art and middle school musicals have all been created in homage to the end of an empire, but the latest Breaking Bad parody from Mondo Media takes the cake (or in this case, the meth).

Directed by Mondo Media’s Vice President of Animation & Business Development Aaron Simpson, and written by Andy Ochiltree and Simpson, Making Pad mashes up the best of Steve Jobs’ and Walter White’s egos into one hell of a hilarious ride through the seedy underbelly of the corporate tech world.

The writing/directing team of Simpson and Ochiltree previously teamed up on another Steve Jobs parody video, Steve Jobs: Resurrection (you can view this below) which has Jobs make a a satirical reappearance from beyond the grade to rap about how great the iPhone 5 is for consumers. Clearly then, the Steve Jobs/Walter White crossover was literally a match made in heaven.

We chatted with Aaron Simpson about his inspiration and his perspective on Steve Jobs and Walter White.

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Daniel Horowitz: So what inspired the concept behind this awesome mash-up?

Aaron Simpson: I was trying to figure out how to continue the animated Steve Jobs saga that we initiated with the 2-million-view Steve Jobs: Resurrection music video, but do it in a timely manner that played with his legacy. Back in the Spring as I was looking at upcoming releases, the similarities between Walter White’s fictional tale and Jobs’ final years just popped out. Then writer Andy Ochiltree wrote out the first draft based on that concept. He drilled down into the subject material and wrote a really funny script that we all loved.

DH: In your opinion, are there any similarities between Walter White and Steve Jobs?

AS: I think the real clear similarity is the drive to make a difference before your time is up. Walter wanted to make sure his family was taken care of after he died, and Steve was intent on creating tools for the mind that advanced humankind. When Steve Jobs reportedly said he would go ‘thermonuclear’ on Google, that’s not a restrained man waiting out his years. He was ‘all in’ and ready to go down swinging in order to make his vision a reality.

DH: How’s the response to your parody so far?

AS: We’ve seen dozens of sites pick it up around the web (and now!), and the comments keep pouring in on YouTube. My favorite so far is “if this were the Steve Jobs movie then i would definitely watch it.” Suck on that Ashton!

DH: One of the top comments for the parody by a user named KurtToons that calls for a series called ‘Odd Jobs’. So on an awesome scale from 1 to 10, how would you grade that dude’s concept for a series?

AS: We know Kurt, and we’re fans of his Subway Thoughts series on YouTube, and we’ll rate that one a 7, with points deducted for coming up with a better idea than ours!

DH: Are there any future plans for Steve Jobs or Breaking Bad related videos?

AS: Andy and I keep searching for the next concept to keep the Steve Jobs saga going, and we’re thinking the next one should probably be a return to the musical realm. Stay tuned!

DH: Anything else you’d like to add?

AS: Only that the whole team at Smiley Guy Studios delivered yet again on the animation. Animation director Rich Duhaney and his crew continue to amaze us with their animated witchcraft.

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