WATCH: ‘The Hills’ Alternate Ending: Brody Ends Up With Lauren Conrad

The Hills


According to MTV’s ultra-popular reality TV show The Hills just released its official alternate ending today!


As fans know, the show’s finale was in 2010, where Kristin Cavallari said goodbye to on-again-off-again boyfriend Brody Jenner, hopped into her car and drove away. Then, the camera panned out and showed Brody Jenner was actually on a studio back-lot, exposing that the show was fake. What they failed to show was who Brody really ended up with … LC.

According to Zap 2 It, in the alternate ending, Jenner went home — only to find a woman sitting on the couch. It’s Lauren Conrad, who left the series in the last season.

The dialogue between them went a little something like this:


Hey. Where have you been?


Just saying good-bye to a friend.


It’s hard saying good-bye.

…The end!

Love it? Hate it? Pass on the new ending of The Hills!

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