William H. Macy Annihilates One Direction on ‘Kelly and Michael’

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William H. Macy decided to talk about his daughter’s infatuation with One Direction. Apparently, she has a life-sized stand-up photo of Harry Styles in her room and it scares the crap out of him. To boot, Macy had to take his daughter to a 1D concert. You can watch it all unfold in the above video.

First, Macy starts off telling the viewers that the five boys are amazingly talented … However, he then completely insults their show.

He proceeds to make fun of their “choreography” as he paces back and forth across the stage on the Live! Kelly and Michael show. He then talks about how angry he was at Harry Styles during his performance because he ate a sandwich onstage during the concert … Macy could not get over it. It was pretty funny.

Finally, Macy blows up about the boys’ performance attire, calling their outfits just crappy jeans and crappy clothes. He couldn’t understand why the boys have a “costume change” during the show because they just change into another set of “crappy clothes”.

Now, we love our One Direction boys and we love William H. Macy, but will 1D fans think this is funny or will they start an “I Hate William H. Macy” club?

Unfortunately, Macy isn’t the only star who’s been showing his contempt for the 1D boys. Mark Wahlberg talked about his desire to beat them all up on late night TV … especially Harry Styles. Much like Macy, he went off on a little tangent about the boys as well.

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