Farrah Abraham Releases Second Sex Tape: Farrah 2: Backdoor and More

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Reality star Farrah Abraham has been on television show “Couples Therapy” and has talked many times about the fact that her first sex tape was a home video that was leaked. She’s also exclaimed that the release of the sex tape ruined her life.

But, what’s done is done and Farrah has a brand new sex tape coming out and the new tape features scenes with porn star James Deen once again. Fishwrapper reports that Farrah uses three different fantasy fetish swings as foreplay before reprising her “backdoor” role with Deen.

Vivid’s CEO Steve Hirsch told Fishwrapper:

We have learned there isn’t anything shy about Farrah. She repeatedly tells the media she’s not a porn star, but she sure acts like one both on and off the screen.

The film will be released on February 13, 2014, so stay tuned.

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