Donovan Leitch: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Donovan Leitch Gwyneth Paltrow Dating?


Donovan Leitch, 46, is the man whose September 2013 kiss with Gwyneth Paltrow is being cited as one of the reasons for her “consciously uncoupling” her husband Chris Martin by the Daily Mirror.

Leitch is an English born actor, filmmaker, model, musician and DJ, and that’s not all.

Here’s what you need to know about Leitch:

1. He’s the Son of ’60s Rock Legend Donovan (& His Sister’s Famous Too)

Donovan – Mellow yellow☆ Best Generation ☆, LA radio de tous les hits ! ♪ ♪ ♪ Retrouvez nous sur facebook:

He’s the older brother of actress Ione Skye, who’s most famous for playing the object of John Cusack’s desires in the 1980s classic Say Anything. Despite being born in London, he was raised in Hollywood, California, by his American mother, model Enid Karl, after she divorced his Scottish father, the legendary psychedelic-folk singer/songwriter Donovan.

Donovan Leitch Ione Skye Brother Sister

Leitch with his 80s starlet sister Ione Skye. (Getty)

2. Leitch Just Left His Supermodel Wife

Donovan Leitch Wife Kirsty Hume

Leitch pictured with his former wife Kirsty Humer in happier times. (Getty)

He was married to Scottish Model Kirsty Hume. The couple have one daughter, Violet, who was born in March 2004. At the time the photos of Leitch kissing Paltrow surfaced, he was reportedly still married. It was later confirmed by his reps that he and Hume were in the process of separating.

3. Leitch Founded a Glam Rock Band

Donovan Leitch Camp Freddy

Leitch in action. (Getty)

His musical career extends to being a member of the band Camp Freddy as well as founding glam-rockers Nancy Boy. The latter with Jason Nesmith, the son of Monkees member Michael Nesmith.

4. Leitch Is B-Movie Royalty

Donovan Leitch Rashida Jones


His acting career has seen him become a king of the straight-to-DVD scene. Some of his movie titles include, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. The Blob and Gas, Food Lodging. Leitch also appeared in a 2000 episode of Sex and the City called “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl.”

5. In 1995, Paltrow Left Him for Brad Pitt

Donovan Leitch Famous Celebrity


Leitch originally lost Paltrow to Brad Pitt back in 1995. The couple had been engaged, but Paltrow began dating Pitt after meeting him on the set of Seven. In a bizarre coincidence, Leitch and Pitt co-starred together in the movie Cutting Glass. It also starred Jill Schoelen, who had been dating Pitt prior to his relationship with Paltrow.

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