VIDEOS: ‘House of Food’ Cast 2014 – Series Premiere Contestants

Tonight is the series premiere of MTV’s House of Food reality show, which puts eight untrained cooks in a house where they live together, learn together, and compete to win an apprenticeship with the best chef in Los Angeles. The host of the new series is “culinary bad boy” Chris Nirschel. Check out his photo in the below Twit pic posted by Nirschel himself:

Now let’s move on to the contestants … We’ve got all the intro videos for each contestant along with their Twit pics, Instagram photos, and tweets so you can get to know each of them a little better.

First we’ll start off with Amanda, the Pittsburgh party girl with a rocker edge. She’s loud, she likes to curse, and she knows how to defend herself. Check out this video to get a glimpse at Amanda’s delightful craziness.

One thing about Amanda is that she may be competing on a cooking show, but she still loves her In-N-Out burger.

Click the “Next Page” button below to meet another cast member from the new series – farm girl Gillian.

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