Harry Connick Jr. Steals Ryan Seacrest’s Shoe & Runs Away on ‘American Idol’

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After Alex Preston performed Gwen Stefani’s song “Don’t Speak” on tonight’s episode of American Idol, wearing short pants that showed his ankles, judge Harry Connick Jr. requested that host Ryan Seacrest show off his ankles too. So, what did Seacrest do? He raised up his pants and then removed one of his shoes and socks.

All of a sudden, Connick runs past him, sweeping up Seacrest’s shoe and running backstage. Poor Ryan Seacrest was left barefoot and shoeless on stage as he had to finish his hosting duties before the next commercial break.

Connick returned to the stage in the middle of Seacrest talking and gave Seacrest’s tush a little pinch on the way back to his judging chair. He did not have Seacrest’s shoe with him.

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