‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Finale: Top 10 Predictions

6. Bob & Sasha Will Finally Become an Official Couple

The Walking Dead Season 4 finale predictions

This definitely seems like it’s going to go down. Bob and Sasha will get some alone screen time together as they get a rare moment to rest in their new home of Terminus. Sasha will conversate with Bob about their previous moment back on the railroad tracks (Bob kissed Sasha in his attempt at getting her to keep traveling with him to Terminus). We think Sasha will realize just how much Bob loves and appreciates her, which will lead to her officially “bonding” with Bob.

7. Beth’s Kidnapper Will Turn Out to Be Father Gabriel Stokes

The Walking Dead Gabriel Stokes

WetPaint.com posted some sensible predictions about who Beth’s kidnapper could turn out to be. They pointed to that mystery person being a major character from the comics — Father Gabriel Stokes:

The car had a cross on the back, and it’s possible it was driven by whoever was living in that funeral home. That person was clean and kind to dead people, treating them with respect. If the person who “took” Beth is a version of Gabriel, that wouldn’t be too bad a thing. Gabriel is a preacher Rick and company meet on the road to Washington, D.C. in the comics, right around this point. The context is different on TV, but let’s hope this person is a version of Gabriel, because he probably won’t eat Beth.

8. Or Beth’s Kidnappers Will Be Revealed as The Hunters

The Walking Dead Hunters

WetPaint.com also pointed at another element of the comics who could be responsible for Beth’s disappearance. We think this plot point won’t get revealed 100 percent in the Season 4 finale, but we believe that a few clues will point to this possibility:

Will Beth turn into 112 ounces of pudding for some cannibal survivors? Chris is the leader of The Hunters in the comics. They are survivors who resort to cannibalism to survive. Did they see that Beth was weak and pounce? We hope not, but it’s possible. It’s not like we haven’t been waiting for that storyline to emerge.

Whatever’s happening, don’t expect quick answers. The Hollywood Reporter asked Lauren Cohan (Maggie) what she could say about Beth’s apparent abduction; how worried should fans be for Beth and Daryl? “That’s going to be a really good point of suspicion for a while,” Lauren said, “there’s not going to be a quick resolve to that situation. It gets very scary. This whole situation that Daryl has found himself in gets really scary. We should be pretty worried about everyone.”

THR asked if whoever kidnapped Beth might be connected to the group of marauders with Daryl. “I don’t actually know yet, that’s how scary it is!” Lauren said. “I don’t like the sound of this group at all or what’s happened to Beth. It’s very creepy.” The guys with Daryl didn’t seem to have a car, but it’s possible.

9. Glenn Will Get Killed Off

The Walking Dead Glenn

Glenn’s been put in some dire situations throughout The Walking Dead. He’s been stricken with a vicious disease (he survived that) and made his way safely out of a destroyed prison overrun with zombies). We love the guy, but we’re starting to think his time is up. We could see Terminus housing something incredibly dangerous that may pop up pretty quickly (this may not happen so soon though, since we also think the show’s going to do a slow burn reveal on what Terminus is really about).

But if the season finale throws some crazy Terminus conflict into the mix in order to leave Season 4 on a huge cliffhanger, we think it will involve the death of someone we’ve grown to love — good ol’ Glenn. And that crazy Terminus conflict could possibly involve the Terminus Camp/The Claimers/Rick and his crew.

10. Or Maggie Will Die

Maggie The Walking Dead

Or the Season 4 finale could possibly end with the death of another major survivor — Glenn’s girlfriend, Maggie. Our fears for her life grew when Maggie told Glenn to burn a photo of her in the last episode. Maggie went on to tell Glenn that he would never need a picture of her. This seems like the best (worst) set-up for Glenn losing the one woman he’s ever loved during this zombie apocalypse.

And to make it even more depressing, he won’t have a photo of her to look back on. Maybe that Terminus survivors vs. The Claimers vs. Rick & Co. conflict will lead to her death. Either way, we think it’s safe to say that someone will get the axe on the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead.

What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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