WWE’s Adam Rose: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Adam Rose WWE

The WWE Universe got treated to a brand new superstar during the April 7, 2014 edition of WWE RAW – Adam Rose. This fun loving, partying rock star is going to land on WWE’s main shows soon and bring the house down. If Russell Brand was a professional wrestler, then he’d surely be Mr. Rose.

Here’s 5 fast facts you need to know about the man they call “The Exotic Express,” Adam Rose.

1. Introductory Videos for Adam Rose Were Shown During the Post-WrestleMania XXX WWE RAW

The annual WWE RAW airing after WrestleMania is always an exciting and surprising affair for fans in attendance and viewers alike. The post-WrestleMania XXX WWE RAW featured a slew of amazing moments and a couple of NXT talents. One NXT star that was introduced to the WWE Universe via introductory trailers was the man called Adam Rose. His character revolves around having a great time, being the life of the party and making sure his mates are on hand to help him celebrate the right way.

Check out Adam Rose’s 1st WWE RAW vignette in the video seen above.

2. He Hails From South Africa

Adam Rose

Adam Rose (real name Raymond Leppan) is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. Rose began his pro-wrestling career at the young age of 16 and competed in his home country in a tag team called “Pure Juice.” He competed in “Pure Juice” alongside his tag team partner Paul Lloyd Jr. (aka Justin Gabriel). During his tenure in World Wrestling Professionals, Rose wrestled under the moniker “Dameon Duke.”

Once Rose’s United States work visa was cleared, Rose fulfilled his contractual obligations to his new WWE developmental deal by competing and training in Florida Championship Wrestling back in 2010.

3. He Once Competed Under the Ring Name, Leo Kruger, in NXT

During Rose’s initial sting in FCW, he wrestled under his real name. Later on, Rose began wrestling as “Leo Kruger,” which was meant as tribute to his relative and former President of South Africa Paul Kruger. From 2010 until 2011, Rose wrestled under his Kruger moniker on FCW and at several WWE televised house shows.

Once FCW became NXT in 2012, the Leo Kruger character made its re-debut as a maniacal hunter and mercenary from South Africa. One of Rose’s last matches while wrestling under the Leo Kruger gimmick was against Sami Zayn (you can check out that bout in the video seen above).

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4. He Changed His Name to Adam Rose in 2014

Once 2014 came around, the Leo Kruger character was removed from TV and soon the NXT audience got to meet a new, eccentric partying madman known as Adam Rose. You can check out Adam Rose’s NXT debut in the video above.

5. He Wrestled Under Two Awesome Nicknames and Captured Some Wrestling Accolades Along the Way

Adam Rose WWE

As previously mentioned before, Adam Rose once competed as the South African mercenary Leo Kruger. Rose also wrestled under his real name Raymond Leppan, Dameon Duke, Presley Jackson, Ray Bourne, Ray Leppan and Rey Bourne. He has claimed the following championships and wrestling accomplishments thus far:

– FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship (2-time)
– WWP World Heavyweight Championship (1-time)
– Ranked number 77 on the 2012 edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s 500

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