‘Glee’ ‘Opening Night’: Spoilers & Song List

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The night has finally come for the first Gleek to make it on one of the world’s greatest stages. Rachel makes her debut in Funny Girl on “Opening Night.”

Many of McKinley’s finest come to New York to show their support. Although there is some drama, the show must go on!

Read on for the highlights of the April 22 episode.

1. Rachel Has the Pre-Show Jitters

rachel funny girl, glee funny girl, glee opening night

(Tyler Golden/FOX)

After Rachel reads negative reviews online, she goes into panic mode. Of course, she still needs to prepare for Funny Girl’s opening night, so has no time for insecurity.

To deal with the pressure, she sings “Lovefool” by the Cardigans, made famous on William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet’s soundtrack in 1996.

The gang steps in and tries to reassure her before she goes on stage.

Being the great friend that he is, Kurt transforms their loft into a positive space to calm her nerves.

On opening night, despite all the pressure, the diva still manages to sing.

Rachel belts out “I’m the Greatest Star,” by Barbra Streisand. It was Streisand who originated the role of Fanny Brice on Broadway in 1964.

2. Will & Sue Come to See the Show

will and sue glee, glee new york, nyc song glee

(Tyler Golden/FOX)

Since Mr. Shue’s wife is about to have her child, she is unable to travel, leaving an extra ticket. Although she despises New York, Sue takes it.

In anticipation of their trip, the pair sing “NYC,” from Annie.

Rachel’s former glee club director, Mr. Shue, is there out of love and support. Before the show, he offers words of pride to Rachel, then gets a call that his wife is in labor, and leaves to be by her side.

Sue, on the other hand, makes it abundantly clear that she’s waiting for something to go wrong.

“I have come to watch Rachel Berry choke on her opening night,” she declared. To make matters worse, Sue stays with the former Gleeks in the loft.

3. Sue Finds a Love Interest in the Big Apple

He is played by Chris Parnell from Saturday Night Live.
On April 2nd, Lynch tweeted the photo above as a teaser for April 22nd’s episode.

She told TV Line:

I probably shouldn’t tell you how she gets there, but I will say that she falls in love, and it’s a lot of fun.

Sue runs into the New York City chef in the lobby, after they both left mid show. They spend the night at the loft, and Sue declares to the Gleeks that she used every part of the apartment during her fling.

4. The Gang Goes to a Gay Bar

gay bar glee, funny girl glee

(Tyler Golden/FOX)

Rachel forgoes the cast party to be with her friends. Blaine suggests a bar, and all the men are huge fans of the starlet.

5. Santana’s Back

Even Santana, who is known to be her frenemy, jumps in to help during Rachel in her time of need.

Santana says, “You suck at so many things, but not this.”

Santana and Mercedes perform “Pumpin Blood” by NONONO.

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