WATCH: ‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Spoilers for the Final Season Premiere

On Sunday, April 13, 2014, the final season of Mad Men will begin. Many of us fear the end, but also cannot wait to see what will happen, so we’ve gathered all the sneak clips, predictions, and spoilers we could find to make this as smooth a ride as possible. Enjoy a trailer in the above video and the rest of the spoilers below:

Time writes about the first episode of the season, what we can expect in Don’s storyline:

“Time Zones” finds Don dealing with the consequences of the end of season 6, in which he was put on leave from Sterling Cooper & Partners for revealing his whorehouse-orphan childhood in a pitch meeting, he opened up to his kids about his real history, and he decided to stay in New York while Megan moved to Los Angeles for her acting career–to be “bicoastal.” As we pick up with Don, he’s dealing with the last of these, flying out to visit Megan.

– The Christian Post discusses some new cast members for the season:

Previously-released spoilers include Mad Men season seven introducing four new characters- two of whom could become Don’s enemies. Dennis Ford, Will Scully and Ferg Donnelly will be joining the cast of characters, as well as Diana- a wholesome mother and housewife. Little else is known about the new characters.

The source further writes:

The season opener will also shed light on Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) who has continued to climb the ranks at the ad-agency, but not without taking a loss when it comes to her personal life. Also, “Mad Men” fans will learn how Joan has been getting along in the male-dominated business world of the 1960s.

– The IB Times says that creator Matthew Weiner was a bit secretive with spoilers, but the synopsis was leaked, giving viewers a sneak peek into episode 1 “Time Zones.”

We learned that “Don makes a friend, Joan drinks with a client, Peggy heads of new work and Roger receives a perplexing phone call.”

– Apparently, the final season will focus on the “consequences” of Don’s misbehavior and his “careless attitude.”

Season 7 of Mad Men will be split into two parts. Part 1 airs April 13 while Part 2 will premiere in 2015.

– The NY Times writes that:

Series creator Matt Weiner says show’s storyline reflects the city’s decline in safety and slide toward bankrupcty. Matt Weiner, creator of Mad Men, says the decline of New York, an underlying theme since the launch of the show, will continue to play out through its final 14 episodes.

– Jessica Pare from Mad Men opens up about some of the subjects in our nation’s history that we may hear about in the final season:

Jessica Paré On Mad Men Season 7: Violence And Despair Is Coming "Closer And Closer"The swinging '60s are coming to a close in the period advertising drama Mad Men and Jessica Paré, who plays the character Megan Draper, hinted that things are going to take a darker turn when the show's seventh season debuts in April. Season seven of Mad Men premieres April 17. George's interview with Jessica Paré…2014-03-07T23:03:42.000Z

Time writes more about the rise of California:

In the season 7 premiere of Mad Men, “Time Zones,” there is a guest star appearance or two, but most notable is that a recurring guest character has been promoted to the role of series regular: The state of California.

Flavorwire talks about some of the bigwigs in the industry who’ve joined the team to help in the last season of the series:

For Season 7, Mad Men embraces its heritage more explicitly than ever, bringing in legendary screenwriter Robert Towne as a consultant. The man behind Bonnie and Clyde and Chinatown also co-wrote Shampoo with Warren Beatty; Weiner has compared his stature in the field to that of Babe Ruth in baseball. Now nearing 80, Towne is officially credited as a consulting producer for the series.

Yahoo TV writes that:

Season 7’s emotional core sounds a lot like Don: “When your needs are met, you start thinking about other things. There’s a real growth over the course of this last season from what are the material concerns of your life to the immaterial concerns of your life. That’s really what the ending of the show is about.”

– In the below clip, the cast talks about their sadness about the show coming to an end:

VideoVideo related to watch: ‘mad men’ season 7 spoilers for the final season premiere2014-04-11T14:33:19-04:00

E! Online wrote this sentence as a spoiler:

More hippies than Don can handle.

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