‘Extreme Weight Loss’ 2014: Season 4 Contestants & Spoilers

Extreme Weight Loss begins tonight with a whole new selection of participants. In addition to following around overweight participants as they attempt to shed their weight, there will be some new changes to the show. Have a look at the above video of trainer Chris Powell and his wife Heidi, who will be helping the participants try to accomplish their goals this season. Meet “The Powell Pack” in the above video clip.

Check out all the spoilers we could gather from the new season, plus you can meet all of the new contestants.

– Tonight we will meet Charita Smith and Ty Ash. Ty Ash is a baseball player who aims to get his weight under 300 pounds so that he can play professional baseball. He’s currently 480 pounds. Charita is 310 pounds and is a mother of three with a desire to dance.

– According to ABC, there will be a big change to the show, starting with participants Charita and Ty.

This will be the first time in the show’s history that the participants go head-to-head, with only one in this episode making it to the final weigh-in.

– Kathie and Josh are a mother and son who are going to battle their weight issues together. Kathie is a single mom and Josh is her 21-year-old son who lives at home with her.

– Bruce is a football coach from Salt Lake City, Utah “who wants to confront his imprisoned father, a convicted child molester, for what he says happened to him during his childhood.” This should be a very intense episode.

– Jeff and Juliana are a father/daughter team from Denver. Juliana is only 15 years old and has a strained relationship with her father, but both want to lose weight.

– Jayce is an overweight country songwriter, who wants to be a performer without her weight getting in the way of her dream.

– Melissa is a widow from Ohio. She was married to an Afghanistan war veteran who unfortunately committed suicide as a result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

– David is a gourmet chef who has had tragedy in his family. He cannot get over the guilt he feels about his brother & sister’s deaths.

– Brandi is actually a former pageant queen who now weighs over 300 pounds. She wants to return to her “pretty” days.

– Georgeanna is a Pastor’s wife who put her life on hold for her family. In order to be a mother, she let go of her past as a gymnast and cheerleader, but let her weight get out of control.

– Sara is the first “little person” to ever be a participant on the show, according to ABC.

– Cassie weighs 347 pounds and wants to lose weight before meeting her son, who she gave up for adoption 18 years ago.

– Rod is a drama teacher who is in the closet. He wants to come out as a gay man and then pursue his acting dreams.

– Christy and Kenny make for a very interesting episode this season. One of them will make it to the end, while the other will be the first person to ever get kicked off the show for “bad behavior.” Christy previously tried to commit suicide after growing up as a victim of bullying.


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