‘Murder In the First’ Premiere: Recap, Spoilers & Cast Info

Murder In the First is a new crime drama starring Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson. The show follows an investigation from start to finish, a single case. TV Guide writes:

The 10-episode first season is divided into three acts chronicling the entire legal process, staring with the crime and initial investigation, continuing with the trial, and ending with the verdict and its aftermath.

As for the chemistry between Taye Diggs’ character Terry English and Kathleen Roberts’ character Hildy Mulligan:

While a romance between the pair seems like it would be a stretch at the end of the first three episodes, there are hints that the show may progress in that direction.

Kathleen Robertson further tells TV Guide:

I think that Hildy is absolutely in love with [Terry], but absolutely knows that it’s [probably not] the right thing to do, especially when his wife dies,” she says. “It’s a thing of always sort of having a soft sweet spot for somebody, but they’re married, they’re married, they’re married. And then once that is taken out of the equation, it sort of complicates things on a lot of levels.

Now that you’ve been briefed on the new show, check out the full recap on tonight’s series premiere, but beware of some big spoilers.

In the first scene, we meet Hildy, a single mother who still has to deal with her ex-husband. She has a young daughter, is a tough detective and her partner at work is Terry.

As for Terry, we meet him as he’s at his wife’s side in the the hospital. Terry’s wife is dying of stage four pancreatic cancer and the doctor tells him it’s time to take her home for hospice care. At the end of the episode, Terry gets a phone call while investigating a murder and it’s clear that he’s received bad news about his wife.

In the first crime scene, we see a junkie victim shot in the head. Upon investigation, it’s discovered that the last email the victim, Kevin Nyers, wrote was to a big-time CEO named Erich Blunt, played by Tom Felton. The content of the email appears to be blackmail as Nyers threatens to “go public” with some sort of information.

Blunt is a good-looking young CEO of a company called APPLSN. Hildy and Terry are trying to figure out Blunt’s connection to the victim.

Blunt turns out to be the son of the victim who he claims not to know, at first telling the police that he receives tons of messages a day and that his email address is public. Blunt says that he gets too many emails to respond to them all. Once the truth is discovered, Blunt confesses that he’s adopted and the victim was his biological father. The blackmail issue was that once the victim found out Blunt was famous, he threatened to go public with the news of his relation to Blunt. Blunt tells the police that this didn’t bother him.

We start to see that Blunt isn’t squeaky clean like he claims to be … Blunt is being sued by someone who claims that Blunt stole an important code from him. Again, Blunt doesn’t care and refuses to settle.

A true dark side of Blunt’s comes out when his flight attendant, who he’s hooking up with, accidentally spills some wine on his shirt. He belittles her, calling her useless, and throws his dirty shirt in her face as he fires her. When his lawyer advises him to not fire her because she “knows too much,” Blunt tells him he’ll “take care of it.”

Later on, the flight attendant goes missing. The pilot becomes concerned and shows up at her home, making her landlord let him into her apartment. The two find her naked and dead. It’s concluded that she may have just fallen down the stairs, but reports that a bruise on her cheek was from a separate event. At the investigation scene, Hildy discovers photos of Blunt and the dead flight attendant together. Before she has a chance to tell Terry, she sees that he’s received a distressful phone call.

A side note that may be important in future episodes is that earlier in the episode a murder suspect makes an inappropriate comment to Hildy in the interrogation room, Terry assaults him and a fellow officer sneaks a copy of the video footage.

As for future information on upcoming episodes, the flight attendant who died turns out to be a double homicide as she is two months pregnant.

Terry says goodbye to his wife at her funeral. Afterwards, the grieving sister of Terry’s wife tries to sleep with him because she “doesn’t want to be alone.” Terry consoles her, but does not cross that line.

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