‘Return to Amish’ Season 1 Episode 4: Top Quotes & Highlights

Kate goes on a blind date. Here are some of the things the guy said while they were munching on salads:
– “Do you like photos taken of you or do you like selfies better?”
– “I love taking selfies, I do it at the gym. I’ll probably never stop, that’s for sure.”

Sabrina and Mary have a conversation while baking. Here’s what Sabrina asks Mary:
-“So I have a question, you had a lot of kids, and I just wondered… I don’t know how to word this… basically I heard your vagina gets really floppy.”

Andrew goes ring shopping for Chapel. He later tells his family at dinner that he’s going to propose to Chapel, and Mary gets super angry. But Andrew’s still a great guy and going to do everything he can to help out the girl he loves.
-“She deserves a bad ass ring.”
-“As long as she lives, I’m going to give her the life that she wants.”

Mary tries to do yoga alone in her living room. And then she tries to cook healthy for her family.
-“The Amish community would be against me doing yoga.”
-“You know lettuce is actually bad for you. It stops you from pooping.”
-“I don’t have that problem. No matter where I am, there has to be a bathroom.”