‘Graceland’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of Graceland, Jakes goes undercover for Mike as a mechanic at the bus garage. Briggs and Charlie work together to give Agent Juan Badillo’s wife his death benefits.

Johnny questions his undercover role with Carlito and Paige runs a side mission to bring down a sex trade possibly connected with Solano’s drug trafficking.

1. Jakes Goes Undercover as Bus Mechanic

aaron tveit, brandon jay mclaren, usa network, graceland, magic numbers, season 2 episode 4

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Mike sends Jakes undercover at the bus depot as a mechanic. The ICE agent almost doesn’t get hired, because he chose the night before his interview to go on a bender. With a little help from Briggs‘ sober chip, he asks the depot boss Lawrence to give him a second chance like someone did for Lawrence once.

Jakes finds out the bus they’re looking for, 118, gets special treatment every time it comes into the garage. The only way to access it is if Jakes can mirror the Lawrence’s keycard. He gets close by opening up to his boss about not seeing his son anymore. Lawrence tells Jakes that he quit drinking after he killed his niece in a car accident when he was drunk.

Mike brings in a team to tear apart bus 118 when its locked in the garage, while ICE agents speak with Lawrence and the other mechanics. They will only have 20 minutes to look for the drugs. Mike’s guys look in every nook and cranny of the bus, but find nothing. Mike is so mad he takes a crow bar to the side of the bus. Jakes asks how he’s supposed to explain that, and Mike tells him road accident. Jakes, not feeling so hot himself right now, takes his own swing at bus 118.

2. Paige Tracks Down a Sex Trade Route

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Paige asks Mike to run a side mission to find the Ukranian girl who she promised to get back to her family. She raids a brothel up in Somar and interrogates the owner, Sylvia Wu. Wu eventually confesses a Eastern European girl did come to her brothel and said she was shipped up to California from Mexico. The brothel mother couldn’t use the young girl because the man who had bought her messed up her face to bad to make her useful to Wu.

Paige tells Mike that the girls are being sold like slaves. She’s having trouble wrapping her head around the human traffickers. She wants to save the girls and Mike promises her they will.

3. Johnny Parties With Carlito

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Johnny gets a message from Carlito to hang out again. Briggs wants Johnny to be careful, considering Carlito shot his best friend in the next the last time Johnny hung out with him.

Johnny meets Carlito at a bar. The hot-shot drug dealer has fun purposefully spilling a drink of a girl at the bar, and then makes Johnny go impress her to bring the girl and her friend back to Carlito’s place. Johnny tries to impress them with Carlito’s Maserati car collection, but when that doesn’t work, he offers them each a pill that he pocketed earlier from Carlito.

They take the two women back to Carlito’s and the drug dealer pulls out a baggie of cocaine. He tells the girls to make out before he will let them snort it off his chest. When Johnny goes to leave, Carlito makes him sit in his chair and watch.

4. Briggs and Charlie Pay Kelly Badillo Her Husband’s Death Benefits

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Charlie still feels bad about Kelly Badillo losing her husband (the FBI agent that Briggs really killed). She cooks up a plan to bust a new drug supplier with a big haul of cocaine and have Kelly be the beneficiary of 10 percent of the find due her supposed tip.

Charlie then creates a fake letter from the FBI that reads the money is really the death benefit Kelly should have received for her husband. The FBI actually won’t pay it out because Agent Badillo’s body was never found (because Briggs buried it in the desert). Briggs goes over to Kelly’s house to make sure she got the letter (they’re now best AA buddies), but when she opens the letter she realizes her husband is really gone.

Briggs lies to Charlie and tells her she fixed it. Kelly got her money and she was “over the moon” Briggs tells Charlie. A little white lie to make Charlie feel better never hurt, right?

The Drugs Are in the Barrels

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The day after Mike’s guys tear apart Bus 118, Jakes sees the bus leave the depot. He notices this isn’t the same Bus 118 they searched yesterday, because the dents he and Mike put it in have vanished. Lawrence tells him to load up some barrels in the garage where the bus was parked, and Jakes realizes the drugs are in the barrels.

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