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The man who captured the world’s attention as he accepted Miley Cyrus’ MTV award at the VMAs is named Jesse Helt, reports The Oregonian. According to the paper, Helt is a native of Salem, Oregon, and met Cyrus while he was a resident of My Friend’s Place, a homeless center in Los Angeles. His mother told the paper, “He was at the right place at the right time. He needs to be blessed.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Was Previously Only Known Only as ‘Jesse’

Helt was identified only as “Jesse” during the show. His identity was confirmed by his mother, Linda, who spoke to The Oregonian. Jesse Helt left Oregon “a few years ago,” his mother said that her son wanted to make his own way in life. During that time, Helt had been homeless. She said “He called me and he said, ‘Mom, I’m living in a bush.'”

2. Helt Has a Warrant Out for his Arrest

According to Linda Helt, Cyrus had given her son some money and he was heading home to Salem to see her the day after his appearance at the VMAs.

ABC News reported two days after the awards that Helt has an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Oregon. The charges stem from an incident of “attempted burglary” from 2010, it was later changed to “criminal trespass.” The trespassing was related to drugs, says ABC. After pleading guilty, Helt was issued with probation. He violated this in 2011 by not attending scheduled probation meetings and not submitting urine samples. Since then, there has been arrest warrant out for him in Oregon.

3. He’s an Aspiring Model

Jesse Helt Model

Jesse Helt pictured in July 2012. (Facebook)

According to his Facebook page, Jesse works as a model. He adds that is single and that his last education came at the East Los Angeles Skill Center. In his about section on his homepage, Jesse writes:

i’m really super nice.and i get along with most people.i hate haters and lazy fat people.and fake-chistians.i only love those who love themselves.

On August 20, Jesse posted this on Facebook:

4. He Got His GED

Jesse grew up in Salem, Oregon, and attended several schools in the area, he is a graduate of West Salem High School. He got his GED through Chemeketa Community College, according to his mother. However on his Facebook page, under the section that says he attended Chemeketa, he writes “didn’t graduate.dropped out.” At one stage, Jesse worked for Cutco, where he says he sold “really sharp knives.”

5. Cyrus Was Making a Surprise Visit to My Friend’s Place When She Met Jesse

Jesse met Cyrus at My Friend’s Place, according to an article on the charity’s website, it was a surprise visit that she made earlier in the week. The website indicates that Miley only made the decision to bring Helt to the awards after visiting the center.

You can join Miley in supporting My Friend’s Place by visiting here.

1 Comment

1 Comment


Keep hearing how his “teen” is homeless. After reading several articles, I have learned thefllowing abut Helt.
1 – A teen as he keeps being reffered to is not 22.
2- He points out how really nice of a guy he is but he hates “lazy fat people”. It seems to me he is the one who quit school, quit his job, quit going to his probation meetings, ran away and was living in a shelter.
3- He was quickly bailed out of jail after turning himself in so it is obvous he has the support of his family to have already been reciving their help to gthim on a road of working and suporting himself where he wouldn’t be homeless.
4- His mother stated he was chasing his dream. I supoort chasing your dreams. I did as well. But I worked hard and supported a family while I chased and achieved my dreams. All of them.
5 – Mr. Helt did absolutely nothing special, representd nothing special except to again show how Miley Cyrus is truly an ignorant person picking and choosing things that will get her recognized by the media. And at that she even screws up by selecting someone like Mr. Helt to represent the homeless teens and people of our country.

And I will end by adding my own opinion, because everything above is factual, except possibly the very educatedopinion based on her past of Miley Cyrus.
I can not beleive for a moment that we would really like to have a lazy, self centered bum who has chosen to evade the law, chosen not to work, chosen to refuse the help from his family, (except wen he was in jail for bond) 22 year old man to represent the unfortunate people, the people who are deprived of work and family, teens who have been abused and have run away from the abuse before learning how to live a productive life, children across this land who have lost their families to be left in foster homes, and childrens homes, and runaways as well as the other sick and homeless people in our country.
Miley Cyrus was duped big time and she should take this as a sign to grow up.

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