Don Cheadle, Thursday Night Football Narrator: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Don Cheadle


Actor, humanitarian, and sports aficionado Don Cheadle will be narrating Thursday Night Football.

The official NFL press release explained his role:

The Thursday Night Football open will be accompanied by the narration of Academy Award-nominated actor Don Cheadle. Cheadle’s narration sets the scene to kick off the NFL week on Thursday nights, highlighting the division rivalry games. And, asking the question, who will “Run This Town”?

As Cheadle narrates, Rihanna will be heard singing in the background.

Here’s what you need to know about the 49-year-old Academy Award nominee.

1. He Tweeted After Rice Scandal

don cheadle


As news broke that Ravens’ Ray Rice beat his wife in an elevator, Cheadle tweeted:

In response to the domestic violence scandal, Cheadle chose to support the East Los Angeles Women’s Center.

On the organization’s site, they state their mission as bring “to ensure that all women, girls and their families live in a place of safety, health, and personal well-being, free from violence and abuse, with equal access to necessary health services and social support, with an emphasis on Latino communities.

2. He’s on ‘House of Lies’

don cheadle imdb


Cheadle returned to TV in 2012 as management consultant Marty Kaan in House of Lies.

He told Details what he liked about Kaan, saying, “it was a character I couldn’t anticipate: ruthless, despicable, duplicitous. I also like that this was a TV show with three generations of black men—Marty, his father, and his son. How often does that happen?”

3. He Hasn’t Married the Mother of His Kids Yet

don cheadle wife


He lives in Santa Monica, California, with actress Bridgid Coulter and their two daughters.

According to her imdb page, she’s appeared on shows such as House of Lies and Family Matters.

In an interview with Parade, he said, “I am somebody who really does want to make sure my relationship stays together and that I am there for the important parts of my kids’ life,” he explains.”

He’s been with Coulter for 23 years, but they never married.

In an interview with Details, he said the key to their longevity is “No guns in the house.”

4. You Can Find Him in This Superbowl Commercial

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In the Bud Light commercial above, an unsuspecting man has a unexpected night when he randomly encounters celebrities like Minka Kelly and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At one point in the evening, Cheadle walks into his elevator with a llama.

“That was a real dude…He thought he was being interviewed for a job,” Cheadle told Jimmy Kimmel.

5. He’s Charitable

The picture above, which he posted in 2012, shows him participating in Jewish World Watch’s Los Angeles Walk to End Genocide.

“I’m walking and agreed to be the honorary walk chair because I refuse to stand idly by and watch as the Khartoum regime continues to slaughter its own people,” he said in a blog post he wrote for the Huffington Post.

In 2007, Cheadle was given the BET Humanitarian award for his service to the people of Darfur and Rwanda.

With George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt, he cofounded Not Under Our Watch.

On the charity’s website, it explains its mission as “to focus global attention and resources towards putting an end to mass atrocities around the world. Drawing upon the powerful voices of artists, activists, and cultural leaders, Not On Our Watch generates lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection for the vulnerable, marginalized, and displaced.”

He also founded Ante Up for Africa, a poker-based charity. listed 20 charities that Cheadle has contributed to.

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