Charlie Hunnam & Morgana McNelis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Charlie Hunnam plays the bad ass Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy. Get to know him and his girlfriend Morgana McNelis in our 5 Fast Facts.

1. Morgana Is a Jewelry Designer for Sons of Anarchy Stars

Jewelry designer Morgana has been dating Charlie for over seven years and the two currently live together. They started dating in 2007. Morgana’s jewelry line is called “Maison de Morgana” and is made up of “mixed metal jewelry” geometric shapes and edgy designs. Sons of Anarchy star Maggie Siff is a fan of her jewelry and she’s had the support of her boyfriend who wears her jewelry as well. Check out some of Morgana’s jewelry below:

Morgana states on her website:

Quality is paramount for me. It’s not enough for my jewelry to be beautiful and unique, I want it to hold its value. In 20 years, I want women to still be wearing the jewelry they buy today.

2. Charlie and Morgana Are Anti-Hollywood

Charlie and his girlfriend are not into the Hollywood scene. In fact, Charlie told SF Gate:

I don’t go to parties – I don’t shuck (sic) and jive it up with the Hollywood crowd. None of that crap interests me at all, and actually, my girlfriend and I just bought a ranch, so we are getting out of Hollywood completely. It’s in California.

3. They Are a Very Private Couple

Charlie and Morgana try to maintain a very private lifestyle. They even moved to outside the city of Los Angeles where they can have more privacy without the public eye’s scrutiny or paparazzi. Though Morgana does support Charlie’s acting career, she’s not often seen on the red carpet because she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. The Australian International Business Times writes:

Although she is supportive of Charlie’s acting career, she enjoys being away from the limelight and likes to give back. She created a line of jewelry called the BC Armor Collection and donated the proceeds in the Boot Campaign, a worthy movement that cultivates patriotism and provides assistance to military personnel, veterans and their families.

4. Farm Living Is the Life for Them

These two love birds enjoy growing vegetables, tending to their animals, and living off their animals as well. Charlie revealed to SF Gate:

We’ve got 30 chickens and a couple of donkeys, a couple of ducks and we’ve got a big, organic garden. We are going to try to live a bit more sustainably. The chickens have already started to make friends with me and I really want to eat them … Oh man! I am going to be taking them to the vet and giving them mouth to mouth.

5. Charlie Was Married to an Actress Prior to Dating Morgana

Charlie Hunnam was married to actress Katharine Towne, who is the daughter of screenwriter Robert Towne. The two met after meeting her at a 1999 audition for the TV show Dawson’s Creek. Charlie says he’s still close with her family, but the two of them together was a big mistake. They were married for three years and divorced in 2002.

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