Jungle Jumparoo Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jungle Jumparoo, a unique and fun jungle gym, faces the Shark Tank on October 17.

Heavy interviewed owner Steve McMurtrey on the bouncy toy and its benefits to kids and adults.
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1. The Owners Put Their Life Savings into It

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Husband and wife team Steve and Rachel McMurtrey started the company out of their garage in Orem, Utah.

They went to an open Shark Tank audition in Atlanta, GA. “Thankfully the weather was very cold, and many people left that day,” McMurtrey said.

When it came time to face the investors, he said, “We were very nervous. The sharks are known for being very truthful and sometimes this can be hard to hear from someone who has put everything into a product as we have.”

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2. It Was Started By a Farmer

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Thirty years ago, a farmer created only a few of them and McMurtrey’s wife, Rachel, owned one.

“We still have the original in the family today. Although, the farmer has passed away he’s vision lives on creating a healthy active toy for kids of all ages. We have made improvements from the original design, and created a smaller version called the Mini,” he explained.

Besides on their website, junglejumparoo.com, the product is available at Brookstone, Amazon, WayFair, and select locations of Sam’s Club.

It will be coming soon to Toy R Us.com.

3. They’re Safer Than Trampolines

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On their site, they explain that 105,000 kids go to the hospital each year due to trampoline injuries.

Their products boasts zero injuries in the 30 years it has been around.

4. Adults Buy it for Exercise

Their website gives the stat that 10 minutes of jumping is equal to 33 minutes of running, benefitting cardiovascular health.

It’s also a low impact exercise, which lessens the shock on the bones and joints in the knees and spine.

5. It Fights Childhood Obesity

“We know we have a product that will make a positive impact on kids health. There is a major epidemic with kids health, and we have the solution. Kids need to be active, but in a healthy, safe way,” McMurtrey explained.

Health benefits includes strengthening heart muscles, increasing circulation, and releasing endorphins.

The product is for children 2 and up and can be used indoors or out.

Watch the video above, as a school adds jumparoos to their playground.

Interested in Jungle Jumparoo? Buy it here.

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