WATCH: Taylor Swift Talks ‘1989’ With Ellen DeGeneres

Taylor Swift was so excited about her new album 1989, so she came up with “Secret Sessions” and invited fans over to her houses to hear the album ahead of time. Swift invited a total of 89 fans at all her homes in Los Angeles, Nashville, London and more. Check out Swift as she sits down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about the new album, her fans, and her sexy Rolling Stone cover in the above video.

Swift also sat down to discuss her biggest fear with Ellen in the below clip. Check it out below.

At the end of Swift’s appearance on the show, she performs a dark and sexy performance of her show “Out of the Woods.” You can check out the performance video by clicking here.

In addition to appearing on the Ellen Show, Swift will be performing on Good Morning America this coming Thursday morning and will be shown as an adviser on The Voice, starting tonight.

For all the information on Swift’s new album, Swift giveaways, and her new role on The Voice check out the below links:

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