WATCH: Janel Parrish & Val Chmerkovskiy’s Performances on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Finals

Janel Parrish missed three days of rehearsal this week on Dancing With The Stars because she was filming around the clock for Pretty Little Liars. Judge Julianne Hough picked the samba as Janel’s routine to bring back because she felt it was one of their best dances, but felt their scores didn’t reflect that. Val was having some issues with his shoulder and Janel suffered an injury to her ribs in rehearsals. Well, Janel certainly didn’t look like she was in pain for her first performance of the night. The only sign of injury was the immense amount of tape she was wearing on her left side to protect her ribs. The judges loved the routine, though Bruno and Carrie Ann noted Janel lost a little balance at times, which was probably due to her injury. Even so, Janel and Val received a score of 37 out of 40.

Check out the video above for her first performance.

For Janel’s second performance, which was the freestyle machine, she and Val wanted to reflect their journey on the show and their emotional connection. The two danced to a slow version of the song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” It was a passionate and intricate contemporary routine that showed romance as well as talent. And, of course, to please their fans, they shared a kiss in their routine. Plus, Janel gave Val a little peck on the lips after their dance too. Their breathtaking routine earned them a perfect score of 40, with a total of 77 out of 80 tonight. Janel and Val’s second performance is below: