Storm Stoppers Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Effectiveness of Storm Stoppers window protection versus plywoodWatch 3/8" thick, lightweight and translucent Storm Stoppers beat thicker 5/8" plywood in a Large Missile 2 x 4' test.2014-08-22T14:32:19.000Z

Storm Stoppers, a plywood alternative to storm protection, entered the Shark Tank on November 14. The show is re-airing on April 3rd.

Heavy interviewed president and inventor John D. Smith. Here’s what you should know about he protects homes from the elements.

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1. You Can Get a Free Sample & DIY Quote

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The idea came about after Florida was hit by Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan & Jeanne in August and September of 2004.

Since there was no plywood available, Smith invented his own hurricane protection product.

To protect your home from storms, hurricanes, & nor’easters, you can visit the company website.
Without leaving your home, Storm Stoppers will email you an itemized DIY Quote, which includes a free 8 x 11” cutting diagram showing how to cut each window or door protection panel out of the company’s 76 x 85” or 65 x 108” kits.

2. A Cannon Was Shot at It

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The product was Large Missile 2 x 4’ tested, which means a cannon shot a 4.5 pound 2 x 4’ at 40 feet per second at the panel directly in front of a 65 x 108” sized window.

The test was successful as the 2 x 4’ bounced off Storm Stoppers and the glass was unbroken.

Storm Stoppers have also been wind tested at Florida International University’s “Wall of Wind” Hurricane Simulator in Miami.

With 126.8 mph winds, the 3,000-pound test structure was ripped away from its bolted-on base and rolled end-over-end 50 feet away.

However, Storm Stoppers stayed securely attached both during the test and during the roll.

3. John Wanted Tim Tebow to Test Them Out

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Smith wanted former or current NFL players to throw a football at his window protection covers. He reached out to Tim Tebow and CBS Sports even covered the story.

Smith offered the star $20,000 for Tebow to make six months worth of personal appearances at Florida’s hurricane expos.

4. He Made the Show’s Blooper Reel

VideoVideo related to storm stoppers enter the ‘shark tank’: 5 fast facts you need to know2014-11-14T13:36:10-05:00

September 26, Kevin O’Leary posted this Shark Tank gag reel and Smith makes an appearance twice.

At the 4:19 mark, he brings out a table to show the sharks a sample. “If I had one thing to do over again, I would have left the table out,” he said in the video above.

5. He Tried to Get on the Show 3 Times

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Smith originally applied for Season 4 in 2012 was was rejected. He also applied for Season 5.

As fate would have it, when Smith was searching for NFL players to test out the product, he met Karen Conrad from the Kansas City Chiefs’ Alumni organization.

Conrad had a contact at Dancing with the Stars, which is also on ABC, and the rest is reality show history.

“In my experience, the producers constantly test you to make sure you are worthy of the show’s high standards. If we had a conference call on Monday afternoon and they wanted me to update my pitch video by Wednesday, I’d get it to them Monday night. My goal is to be Shark Tank’s highest selling entrepreneur and it all starts with exceeding expectations,” he explained.

He wrote a book, Don’t File a Patent!, in 2010.

The picture above is Smith with Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel.

Also on this episode:

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