Tommy Chong & Peta Murgatroyd: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd are one of the most fun couples to watch on Dancing With the Stars. Read on for all the facts on their performances together, Chong’s calf injury, and how Chong got involved with the show in the first place.

P.S. Tommy and Peta were just announced as the first couple on the show heading into the semi-finals.

1. Chong Recently Suffered a Calf Injury

Last week, Chong danced through two performance on DWTS with a painful calf injury. At 76 years old, Chong is the oldest competitor on the show to make it this far in the competition. Chong told E! News:

It’ll heal. It was me. I was dumb. I didn’t drink enough water, so I got cramps. I’m a dancer and being around all the dancers, they’ve got more injuries than you can count. They just wrap on tape, get out there and do it, and I had to do it.

In the above Instagram video, Chong makes sure he doesn’t have any serious injuries by getting a stand-up MRI done.

2. Viewers Fear Chong May Have to Leave the Competition

There’s a chance that, with Tommy Chong’s injury, he may have to leave Dancing With the Stars early. E! News writes:

Chong has now had two appointments at Stand Up MRI in Beverly Hills, E! News has confirmed. He has a tear in his calf and said that unless something dramatically improves, he will have to bow out of the competition, a source tells E! News. For now, his situation is being monitored closely and he will find out if he’s cleared to perform before tonight’s show.

Cross your fingers for Tommy and Peta as they head into the semi-finals.

3. Chong’s Wife Is a Dancer

Tommy Chong may be the one competing on the show, but his wife Shelby was his inspiration to go for DWTS. Chong told Capital New York:

My wife is a dancer, you know, and she actually wants to be on the show, but she realized that I would have a better chance being a celebrity, so they submitted my name, and then the producers had me come in for a meeting. The meeting went really well I thought, and so I started training, I started taking tango lessons, Crossfit training. I had been wanting to do that anyway, you know, so I went and got myself into pretty good shape, and next thing I know they called me and the rest is history.

For more information on Chong’s beautiful wife, check out the below link:

4. Murgatroyd Wants her Partner to Take Less Breaks

Murgatroyd understands that Chong has trouble focusing for a long time and that he is 76 years old. However, Chong likes to take a lot of breaks since he has the mindset that he is still 16 years old, which is actually delightfully refreshing. Murgatroyd believes that Chong needs to crack down more, especially as more dances are added each week.

5. Murgatroyd’s First Dance With Chong This Season Was Their Most Memorable

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Chong came out of the gate as a DWTS contestant with a pimplicious dance to Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” He even used the help of his partner in crime, Cheech, to help him out, appearing in the performance. Check out the epic routine above.