‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Finale Spoiler: Does Jax Teller Die?

If you aren’t ready to find out what happens to Jax Teller on the series finale of Sons Of Anarchy, stop reading …

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Here it is in the above video … Jax Teller kills himself. Read on for all the details on how the episode led up to Teller’s final ride.

The entire episode is basically Jax tying up loose ends. He puts Nero in charge of Wendy, leaving the house and all his money to her and his two sons. Jax tells Nero that his sons must grow up with the knowledge that he was a bad man because he never wants them to be like him. Jax reveals to the police that Gemma and Juice were the killers in Tara’s case.

Jax appoints Chibs as the new President of the club and tells him that there needs to be a Mayhem vote against him. Reluctantly the club all votes and Jax gives his President patch to Chibs. Chibs then appoints Tig as the new Vice President. While Jax is ready to be shot and killed by his brothers, viewers are on edge. But, the club refuses to kill him like they’re supposed to. Jax goes around saying his goodbyes with tears, hugs, and kisses.

Jax goes to pay his respects to his late father and is spotted by the police. A chase ensues.

As a mack truck rounds the bend, Jax decides to end his life and drive straight into the truck, killing himself with his arms waving up in the air and a smile on his face.

At the end of it all, the Shakespeare quote in the below tweet appeared on the screen.

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