Who Got Fired on Tonight’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? 1/5/15 – Episode 1

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Tonight was the airing of two episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and Kevin Jonas was sent home by the mighty Trump. The first episode’s task was with the company Neat and the contestants had to develop a commercial to showcase the brand’s technology. Kate Gosselin was the project manager for the women while Kevin Jonas was the project manager for the men. Though Brandi Glanville and Gosselin butted heads on the task, Leeza Gibbons saved the day with her hard work and they won. Gosselin took away $20,000 for her charity.

Unfortunately, the men’s team had a rough time with Geraldo Rivera, who wanted to have all his ideas heard. Kevin Jonas chose to bring Geraldo Rivera and Ian Ziering into the boardroom with him. Jonas felt that Ziering was a friend and it was a risky move to bring him back into the boardroom with him. Both Ziering and Jonas felt that Rivera should be fired.

Kevin Jonas’ fatal mistake was bringing Ian Ziering in the boardroom because Ziering had done nothing wrong.

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