Who Falls Overboard While Rafting on ‘The Bachelor’?

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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, one of the big moments in a night of many is when a contestant falls overboard while white-water rafting on a group date. The identity of the woman is contestant Jade Roper, who went on the Cinderella solo date. The contestants who are reported to go on the group date include Samantha, Kelsey, Becca, Jade, Ashley I., Megan, Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Mackenzie.

The official synopsis of the episode reads:

Nine adventurous women accompany Chris on a white water rafting trip to the Rio Grande River for one of the wildest rides of their lives. The outdoor adventure quickly turns dangerous when one bachelorette falls overboard into the icy rushing water. Will Chris be able to help rescue her? After the mishap, the group relaxes at a local hotel and gets ready to spend a special night with the Bachelor. However, a woman that Chris previously said goodbye to returns to crash the party and attempts to get another chance to win Chris’ heart. Will the Bachelor comply with her wishes and risk the wrath of the rest of the women?

After it all, Soules rubbed Jade’s feet and tried to make her feel warm since the water was freezing.

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