Koryn Hawthorne – ‘The Voice’ 2015 Contestant

Koryn Hawthorne

Koryn Hawthorne is one of the contestants from Team Pharrell Williams on The Voice season 8. Her NBC bio describes her as this: Koryn's voice is much more mature than her age would let on. For the past nine years, she has been a member of a local singing group that performs at nursing homes, benefits and competitions. Koryn might be young, but she knows singing is what she's meant to do. She's not afraid of putting in the hard work needed to achieve her dreams. When Hawthorne isn't appearing on The Voice, she attends Lighthouse Christian Academy in Abbeville and works part-time at a pizza parlor. For more information on Team Pharrell Williams and Koryn Hawthorne, click through our gallery of her best Instagram pics.