Manuel Velasco, Anahi’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Anahi next to her husband Manuel Velasco. (Instagram/Anahi)

Manuel Velasco is married to singer and actress Anahi. He is the governor of Chiapas, in Mexico, since 2012. Therefore, just a few days after the wedding, the singer attended her first event as the spouse of the governor. On her Instagram, she captured the moment (above photo) with the following message:”Today I happily accompanied my husband! Here with some young athletes whom they proudly represent Chiapas…Yesterday, I went with him as his wife to an official act in Tuxtla. The truth is that we both agreed that as a couple I’m going to accompanied him. [As a wife] I’m here to be present and not to be absent. I want to be present and help him.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Manuel Velasco is Chiapas Governor


. (Instagram/Anahi)

Manuel Velasco governs Chiapas, a state tucked along the border with Guatemala, and has one of the largest and most diverse indigenous populations in Mexico. He told Proceso: “I’m not a governor who sits behind a desk, I go to the towns…is a new way to do politics. What I do now, I’ve been doing it in the las 12 years of politics in order to become Chiapas governor. I am a governor who gets close to the people and is not going to change. It has always worked for me.”

2. His Father Passed Away When he was Seven Years Old



The 35-year-old governor is the son of Leticia Coello Garrido and Dr. Jose Manuel Velasco Siles, who passed away when Manuel was seven years old. He is also the grandson of Manuel Velasco Suarez, who governed Chiapas, as well, in 1970. Coello told Tarot Politico that her husband “was a lovable father, the only thing that I regret is that he couldn’t see his children’s achievements, he would have been very proud. From him, Manuel inherit his virtues.”

3.His Grandfather was Chiapas Governor in 1970


On their way to a soccer game. (Instagram/Anahi)

Just like his grandfather, Manuel chose politics. He entered in politics at the age of 18, two years later, in 2001 he became Local Deputy for the Congress of Chiapas, being the youngest legislator on a local congress. Then in 2004, Anahi’s husband was elected Deputy of the LIX Legislature of the Mexican Congress representing Chiapas. And at 23, he became to be the youngest person to serve as Congressman. In 2006, Manuel ran for Senator and won, he was 26 and the youngest Senator on Mexico’s history.

4. Is Manuel Velasco following Enrique Peña Nieto’s footsteps?

Anahi, Manuel Velasco


It is rumored that Manuel is planning to run for president in 2018 and he is following the trail of Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto, who married a telenovela actress Angelica Rivera, and a lot of publicity was generated by Rivera’s employer, the media empire Televisa. Now, Manuel is married to actress and singer Anahi, who also works in Televisa but Chiapas governor told Process magazine: “I don’t aspire to be a presidential candidate as so many speculate.”

5. Family With Cancer History


Anahi and Velasco on a mission to help people in need. (Instagram/Anahi)

Manuel grew up with his sister Fernanda and his mother Leticia. Some of his family members have died from cancer. In 2013, Manuel fainted during an event and he told Proceso: “My blood pressure dropped and I got worry because a lot of my young family members have died from cancer. But after I got a general check-up, I’ve discarded any bad illness that can affect my functions as a governor.”

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