Nicola Peltz Returns to ‘Bates Motel’ as Bradley Martin

Nicola Peltz as Bradley Martin

Actress Nicola Peltz returns to White Pine Bay, reprising her role of Bradley Martin on Bates Motel. Bradley started out as a popular girl who was nice to Norman, but he had intense feelings for her and she was more interested in his brother Dylan. Bradley watched her father Jerry die and then Dylan took over her father's job in the town's drug industry. Bradley and Dylan began to bond until she tried to commit suicide in season 2. After learning that Gil Turner, a drug boss, had his hand in her father's death, she goes to his house and shoots him dead. Dylan and Norman help Bradley leave town and, to the rest of the community, she is thought to be dead. On tonight's episode titled "The Pit", the official synopsis reads: Romero confronts Norma about newly learned information; Caleb and Dylan take a risky job; Emma comes to a decision about her future with Norman. Bradley reportedly appears at the end of tonight's episode, but next week's show is where she really makes her return. Next week's episode is titled "Crazy" and the plot reads: Norman spends the day with a surprise visitor; Norma attempts to keep secrets from being exposed; Caleb pays a price for helping Dylan with a good deed at the farm. Clearly, the "surprise visitor" is Bradley Martin. Check out more information on Nicola Peltz by clicking through our gallery of her best photos. (Getty)