David Letterman’s Last Show & Final Guest

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Tonight, David Letterman interviews his very first and now his last guest on The Late Show With David Letterman – Bill Murray. Check out Murray’s grand gesture to Letterman in the above video. Bob Dylan is also on the show tonight. Though Murray is Letterman’s final official guest, tonight’s show is not his last. Tomorrow, May 20, 2015, will be the grand finale, where Letterman will deliver his final Top Ten List, much to the dismay of his fans who are not ready to say goodbye. CBS promises the finale “will be an hour filled with surprises and memorable highlights.”

The Top Ten List for tonight is “Famous Last Words” and the list reads:
10. Lighting! Everyone under the tree!
9. You’ve parked in my spot, Mr. Capone.
8. Bring the karaoke machine over to the hot tub.
7. Do you guys hear a drone?
6. Thanks for seeing me, Dr. Oz.
5. Damn right I’m healthy enough for sex.
4. May I take a selfie, Ms. Streisand?
3. We’ll save money by hitchhiking.
2. Jack Hanna said it won’t bite.
1. One scoop of Blue Bell ice cream please.

Stephen Colbert will make his debut as late show host on September 8, 2015.

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