‘Hell’s Kitchen’ 2015 Top 5 Remaining Contestants

Hell's Kitchen Season 14 - Top 5 Contestants

Hell's Kitchen has its top 5 contestants of season 14 remaining and they are still battling it out in the kitchen of the intimidating Gordon Ramsay. The five remaining chefs are Michelle Tribble, Nicholas "Nick" Peters, Meghan Gill, Milly Medley and Torrece "T" Gregoire. Meghan Gill is a talented Executive Chef hailing from Virginia, "T" is a line cook from Atlanta who has remained strong throughout the competition, and Michelle has had her ups and downs on the show as the youngest cook. Milly is an Executive Chef from Philadelphia and he's definitely a force in the kitchen, while Nick is a private chef from Massachusetts. For the first individual challenge of the night, the contestants must make small dishes for concert-goers and must find a way to stand out from their competitors. To help their chances in the competition, the chefs have the privilege to try to "sell" their dishes to their diners, but Meghan has a rough time getting her words out.

For the dinner service portion of the show, there is a sous chef rotation. The usual sous chefs take the night off to eat in the dining room while each remaining contestant gets the opportunity to be Chef Ramsay's right-hand in the kitchen. Unfortunately, on tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen, Milly falters a bit in the kitchen when he doesn't correctly deliver scallops to an infuriated Chef Ramsay. However, Milly saves himself as he gets the chance to be a sous chef when he catches some raw scallops from Michelle trying to make their way out of the kitchen. When Michelle gets to be sous chef, her constantly saying "pick it up" to the other contestants drives them a little crazy. Nick has issues in the kitchen as well when he prematurely slices the beef wellingtons. When Nick gets his time to be sous chef, he struggles with time and communication over some lamb dishes. Nick is forced to then explain to the table whose order he messed up why their meal is late, which is embarrassing for him. As far as T's moment as sous chef, things went a little smoother than some of the others, except when Nick was serving raw beef wellingtons. Meghan has a similar experience as a sous chef, when Nick again delivers some raw beef wellingtons.

Over all, each chef has a different cooking style and they have each come from a different walk of life. Which one will take the win this season? Click through our gallery to check out all the contestants in the best still shot photos from tonight's "Top 5 Compete" episode. CR: Greg Gayne / FOX. © 2015 FOX Broadcasting Co.