Noah Galloway: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Semi-Finalist

Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway has made it to the semi-finals on Dancing With The Stars and it has been a long journey for the soldier. Galloway struggled with being a double amputee, with one leg cut off above the knee. He overcame being away from his girlfriend Jamie Boyd, who was in basic training for several weeks of the competition. He even lost a tooth in dance rehearsals. We've witnessed a man with incredible strength and a truly inspirational story participate in something even people with all four limbs cannot accomplish. Predictions are that the finals will get down to Nastia Liukin, Rumer Willis and Riker Lynch. However, though Lynch's dancing is incredible, his fan votes sometimes put him in the bottom. So, there's a fair chance that Galloway could make it to the finals. Pro partner Sharna Burgess will have to give him some more complicated routines to keep up with the others, but man fans are pulling for him. So, how did Galloway get involved with DWTS in the first place? Galloway tells the LA Times: After I made the cover of Men’s Health, a lot of shows contacted me. I would’ve loved to do “Survivor,” but I just couldn’t be away from my family that long without contact. I couldn’t justify it. Then “Dancing With the Stars” called, and they were interested in the fact that I was missing an arm. All I wanted to talk about was the fact that I’m an above-the-knee amputee. They’d already had (double amputee-model-Paralympian) Amy Purdy, but that’s a completely different injury. It’s common that people don’t think about the difference, but I wanted to call attention to the issue. And for years now, I’ve been challenging people to step outside their comfort zones, but I’ve stayed in mine. I thought it was time to try something new. Galloway revealed that the toughest part about dancing is the physical toll it takes on your body. Plus, he says he's always thinking about dance now - morning, noon and night. As for how Galloway's choreographer Burgess approached teaching her partner to dance this season, she also told the LA Times: I really went into this season thinking there are no rules and that we would just do things differently. I think the judges appreciate that. In a way, this is tailor made to fit Noah because we’ve just gone into each dance seeing what he’s capable of doing and going beyond what people would expect. So, do you think Galloway has what it takes to win?

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