Bryce Mulvey & Amber Brown – ‘Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can’t Weight’

Bryce Mulvey & Amber Brown - 'Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can't Weight'

Amber and Bryce have taken on Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can't Weight as a couple and the official synopsis of their episode reads: This LCW episode features Bryce & Amber (Garden Grove & Buena Park, CA), who met through online dating and quickly fell in love. Their quirky personalities, willingness to be silly and love of food brought them together. Amber’s diet is 100% fast food, and Bryce is always looking for his next meal. It is their dream to become married and celebrate their new life together ... trim and healthy. Their full bio is posted at One of the struggles that Bryce and Amber face during their journey is possibly being apart. Trainers Chris and Heidi Powell generally split up the couples and send one of the participants to Arizona, but there's an issue. Bryce has a son from a previous relationship and he doesn't want to leave for three months and possibly mess up his custody agreement. At the same time, Amber doesn't want to leave because she's working on building a relationship with Bryce's son as a future stepmother. To check out Bryce and Amber's wedding website for their nuptials, click here. Now click through our gallery of the couple's best Facebook photos together.