PHOTOS: Ari & Jazz Jennings, ‘I Am Jazz’

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Ari Jennings is not your typical older sister. Sure, the Florida native and soon-to-be-sophomore in college posts photos to her Instagram page and tweets updates about her classes and friends like any normal teenager. But Jennings isn't a normal teenager and her family isn't all that run-of-the-mill either. That's what happens when your younger sister comes out as a transgender when she's just two years old and starts giving national interviews when she turns six. It also happens when your family is featured on its own reality show. But while the show, TLC's I Am Jazz, may put the Jennings in the spotlight, the relationship between Ari and Jazz is one of the most "typical" parts of reality TV dynamic. Click through the gallery to learn a bit more about the pair and what they mean to each other. (Instagram)

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