Ivy Calvin, ‘Storage Wars’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ivy Calvin may not be an original cast member of Storage Wars but the California native isn’t all too worried about the episodes he’s racked up. The only thin he cares about is the amount of money he’s making.

After all, Calvin has an inventory to maintain in his store Grandma’s Attic and he’s not interested in losing out on the auction circuit. A former athlete, Calvin knows how to win and he goes into every auction expecting to win. Anything less is unacceptable.

Here’s what you need to know about Calvin and his road to reality TV stardom:

1. Calvin Owns & Operates the Store Grandma’s Attic

Calvin has been interested in storage lockers for years and spent the better part of a decade attending auctions across the country, selling his items at flea markets and swamp meets. In 2009, he refocused his efforts and opened Grandma’s Attic, a thrift store in Palmdale, California.

The store features a handful of one-of-a-kind items as well as goods that Calvin has bid for on Storage Wars and has recently expanded its business to a large online presence.

After opening his store, Calvin referred to himself as “The King of Palmade” boasting his success on the auction circuit. Since then, the store has become a tourist attraction of sorts, drawing interest fro fans of Storage Wars as well as general customers, simply looking for standout goods.

2. He Started to Appear on ‘Storage Wars’ During Season Three

Calvin first started appearing on Storage Wars during the show’s third season as a part-time cast member after Dave Hester’s on-screen departure. He took over a full-time role on the show during the fifth season and he’s been bidding ever since.

Since joining the cast, Calvin has appeared in 50 episodes of the show, becoming a fan favorite for his quick approach at auctions and his focus on filling his own store with storage locker goods.

3. Calvin Previously Played Football & MMA

It hasn’t always been all auctions all the time for Calvin. In fact, his earliest career was considerably different. The California native was a former football player and MMA athlete, finding success on and off the field.

Calvin previously played linebacker at Cal State Northridge and even played football professionally in the arena football league. He then turned his attention to mixed martial and was an MMA fighter. He fought once in 2002, defeating his opponent by keylock in just over a minute.

Although he walked away from the sports, at least playing both of them, Calvin has said that his competitive nature has helped him throughout his career on the auction circuit, constantly trying to beat his opponents there as well.

4. He Travels Across the Country for Auctions

Calvin isn’t afraid to put in that extra work to make sure he gets the best items for his store. After all, when you’re as competitive as he is, no trip is too far for the best goods available.

That includes auctions all across California and even the entire United States.

According to his Storage Wars bio, Calvin is “willing to travel as far as it takes to fill his shelves.” He regularly connects with the locals ahead of each auction trip, using his brand-new relationships to get an edge up on the bidding competition. Hey, whatever works.

5. Calvin Spends Time Away From Work With His Sons

It isn’t all work all the time for Calvin, no matter what his on-screen reputation might be. In fact, when the cameras are gone and the store is closed, the long-time businessman is also focused on being a dad to his sons.

Calvin and his family regularly spend time outside and the group frequently goes on fishing trips across California. He also worked as an assistant coach with the Vasquez High School football team, taking to Facebook to support a go-fund-me page for new equipment earlier this year:

The group used the fundraising site to help raise money for new helmets, tackling dummies and a two-man sled.

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