Jessica Henry, Nathan Griffith’s New Girlfriend – ‘Teen Mom 2’

Jessica Henry

Nathan Griffith stars on the reality TV show Teen Mom 2 with second baby mama Jenelle Evans. The two got engaged and had a baby on the show, but they engaged in a volatile relationship that eventually ended. Recently, Evans was arrested for assaulting Griffith's new girlfriend, who is a bodybuilder named Jessica Henry. According to Radar Online, Evans was recently arrested by South Carolina’s Horry County Police for 3rd degree assault and battery after a fight with Henry. She was put in the Surfside Jail in Myrtle Beach and the officer stated that Evans was cooperative. A source revealed that Griffith was provoking Evans and set her up to "look bad", explaining that: Jenelle told Nathan to come get his stuff out of their house because she is moving in two weeks and he brought his new girlfriend, Jessica Henry. This really made Jenelle mad. They ended up getting in a fight and she threw a glass at Jessica. So Nathan called the cops.

Griffith and Evans' relationship was doomed when Griffith admitted to talking to other girls while they were together, but has he been doing the same thing while dating Henry? Radar Online reports that Griffith has an Ashley Madison account registered to his email address. Ashley Madison is a website for those in relationship who want to cheat on their significant others. Griffith is said to have initially denied the report, but later said he just didn't want to comment on an "unfolding scandal." Evans' reaction was saying, "Once a cheater, always a cheater." Evans told Radar: I think he embarrasses himself and whoever associated with him, especially the girl he’s with now because supposedly she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. But Nathan does. An insider also revealed that Griffith may have cheated on new girlfriend Henry using the Ashley Madison account, explaining: He was separated from Jenelle, but he was seeing [his new girlfriend] Jessica. He claimed he made it (the profile) because he couldn’t remember his gmail password and was locked out of his old email. It’s definitely not shocking that Nathan has an Ashley Madison account. Jenelle is glad not to be the one having to deal with his antics anymore. So, even though Griffith admitted to talking to other girls on the show, he says he never cheated on Jenelle with Jessica Henry. Griffith says: We did get back together for a while, but then we broke up again and I have been with Jessie every day now. I was with Jessie before and I’m with her again. Jenelle and I are not together and I did not cheat on her. She knows we have broken up. It appears that there have been rumors that Griffith cheated on ex Evans with his new "side chick", as Evans calls her. For more information on Henry, Griffith and the Evans love triangle, click through our gallery of Henry's best Facebook photos.