John Luke Robertson’s Wedding: The Photos You Need to See
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John Luke Robertson’s Wedding: The Photos You Need to See


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Joe ramirez

She won the lottery stupid kid don’t need to work live on daddy’s money lmao see you in divorce court and half your money in a year or so


Nobody else in the family has gotten divorced and none of the women have tried to get their $.

Joe ramirez

You know them how do u know u idiot it’s just common sence dam u must be living under a rock or something open your eyes idiot how do u know they haven’t gotten divorce do know them doubt it idiot


its not about the money its about true love and what makes them happy and if u love someone because they have money then u really dont love them

Kim Mortinjha

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Wow people like u r what this world needs less of.. Didn’t ur mom and dad teach u if u ain’t got nothing nice to say then keep it to urself .. Love is love no matter the age or money or any of the material things that people seem to think they need when in reality all’s u need is ur family and gd people around u along your life’s journey. Both these kids have gd heads on there shoulders and both wl be attending college that alone is more gumption then most people have. So it seems they have there own lives worked out and planned so u must just b really jealous.. Feel sorry for u as a human being.


Its not being jealous I have my masters degree and very successful in life maybe have more than u and I’m a person that don’t take hand me downs like I said you guys must be living under a rock latttters

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