Alek Skarlatos – ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 21 Contestant

Alek Skarlatos

Alek Skarlatos is one of the three America heroes who took down a terrorist on a train from Amsterdam to Paris. He was one of three childhood friends, along with Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, who had the courage to stand up and come to the rescue. Skarlatos was actually on personal leave from the Oregon National Guard after returning from Afghanistan when the incident occurred. Skarlatos' current adventure is participating as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars for it's 21st season. As far as we know, Skarlatos is single and does not have a girlfriend, so there's a good chance that Skarlatos could spark dating rumors with his Dancing With the Stars partner Lindsay Arnold. Unfortunately, for those who hope for some romance, Arnold is reported to be married to husband Sam Cusick. For more information on Alek Skarlatos, click through our gallery of his best photos.