Ivanka Trump’s Husband & Kids: The Photos You Need to See

Donald Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka is slated to introduce her father on Thursday night before he is expected to accept the GOP nomination for president.
Ivanka is going to deliver a speech normally given by the spouse of the nominee at the Republican National Convention.

The 34-year-old businesswoman admitted, she has some nerves.

"I am terrified," she told Savannah Guthrie in an interview on Today. "I've never spoken in a stadium like this, but really I just want to make sure I do a great job for him. So it's a real honor and a privilege that he asked me to do this, and I think it's a testament to him as a parent."

Ivanka has become a central figure in her father's quest for presidency. Poised yet powerful, Ivanka, has softened her father’s strong approach and served as a trusted advisor.

“There’s no better reflection of a man than his children,” Michael Caputo, a former senior adviser for Trump’s campaign told Politico. “And I think she’s one heck of a reflection.”

Ivanka balances many roles: she's an activist for empowering women, an entrepreneur, author, wife and mother of three. Click through the photos to see and learn more about Ivanka and her family. (Instagram)