Hilary Cruz – Ryan Seacrest’s Last Reported Girlfriend of 2015

Hilary Cruz

In July 2015, it was reported that Ryan Seacrest was dating 26-year-old Hilary Cruz. According to People, the couple met through mutual friends and started out slow together. Cruz is a former 2007 Miss Teen USA. Earlier in 2015, Seacrest dated model Renee Hall, who he met at his 40th birthday party in Napa Valley, California. For more information on Hilary Cruz and Seacrest, click through our gallery of her best Instagram photos.



Hilary Cruz is a Whore

Is someone at Heavy personally related to, or dealing with Hilary Cruz? Ryan has made it SO CLEAR that this isn’t his girlfriend. He’s about to get a restraining order on her if she doesn’t stop this shit. This girl is a common gutter prostitute looking for 15 minutes of fame, and you assholes keep giving it to her. Stop trying to make this slut happen.

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